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11/24/2014, 19:30

Cecilia Bartoli - St. Petersburg

I Barocchisti
Diego Fasolis – conductor

Phenomenal coloratura mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli will take her fourth tour to Prague; this time, she will bring the fruit of her researches in the archives of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.

Unique arias appear on her newest Decca recordings. CD titled Cecilia Bartoli – St Petersburg, which will be released this October, offers opera arias that were performed in St. Petersburg in 18th century during the enlightened rule of three exceptional tsarinas: Anna Ivanovna (ruled 1730–40), Elisabeth I. Petrovna (1741–62), and Catherine II. The Great (1762–96). These rulers looked to Europe to enrich the cultural life of their country, and engaged  leading composers from Italy and Germany to bring the latest music to the Russian court.

CD Cecilia Bartoli – St Petersburg not only celebrates three great Russian rulers, but also turns the spotlight on their court composers: Francesco Araia, Hermann Friedrich Raupach, Vincenzo Manfredini and Domenico Cimarosa. Housed in St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre library, the Italian Opera Collection of the eighteenth century, a uniquely valuable archive, has been opened up to Cecilia Bartoli and I Barocchisti for this project; together they explore music lost for over 200 years. The works on this recording represent the core of an extraordinarily rich collection that also comprises the original score of Verdi’s La forza del destino (premiered in St Petersburg in 1862).

Cecilia Bartoli collaborated on this project with Swiss ensemble I Barocchisti, which uses historically authentic instruments, under the baton of Swiss conductor Diego Fasolis, with whom she collaborated on her two previous projects with the music of the forgotten Italian composer and diplomat Agostino Steffani (1654–1728). Cecilia Bartoli, an exclusive Decca Classics artist, is Universal Music’s best-selling ‘core’ artist with sales to date in excess of 10 million units. Having spent over 100 weeks in total in the international pop charts, she has also won numerous classical awards including five Grammys (USA), ten ECHO Awards, one Bambi (Germany), six Gramophone Awards, two Classical Brit Awards (UK) and a Victoire de la Musique (France).

She will introduce her newest CD during a large tour (22nd October – 28th November) which will take her to several cities in Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Paris, Mannheim, Brussels, Baden-Baden, Essen, Hamburg, Regensburg, Prague, Munich, and Vienna).

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